7 Reasons We Switched to My Father’s World Curriculum

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This post: Why we switched to My Father’s World Curriculum.

Early last semester, I realized that our current homeschool curriculum wasn’t going to work for us long term.

After months of reading and researching, I settled on My Father’s Word curriculum; here are seven reasons why.

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#1 My Father’s World is a Scripture-centered curriculum.

Children learn character virtues, memorize God’s Word, and develop a Biblical world view right along with learning phonics, math, and history.

This is one of the key dimensions I look for in a curriculum.

Academics are important, but I want to raise believers in Jesus Christ, not just smart kids.

#2 My Father’s World Supports World Missions and Bible Translation

I love the fact that the dollars I spend purchasing curriculum from My Father’s Word helps support Bible translators throughout the world.

#3 My Father’s World Provides Age-Integrated Learning

As the mother of five children (three school age kids, one preschooler, and a baby), I searched high and low for a curriculum that was both thorough and user-friendly.

I love how My Father’s World study units are age-integrated without compromising each child’s need for academic challenge.

#4 My Father’s World Applies the Charlotte Mason Methods of Education

I began researching Charlotte Mason homeschooling methods last year; the more I read, the more convinced I became that I had found a suitable style of learning and teaching for our family.

When I discovered My Father’s World was built around the Charlotte Mason Methods, I was sold!

#5 My Father’s World Offers an Eclectic Teaching Experience

My kitchen is eclectic.

My approach to holistic medicine is eclectic.

My lifestyle blog is eclectic.

Why shouldn’t my homeschooling style be eclectic, too?

My Father’s World selects a variety of Charlotte-Mason-Style resources, books, and manipulatives, and creates an unbeatable foundation for learning.

#6 My Father’s World Takes a Hands-On Approach to Learning

The curriculum packs are loaded with helpful and engaging manipulatives for exploring everything from science and phonics, to hand-eye-coordination and shape sorting (for the little ones).

Even my younger children can get on board during school time and enjoy learning at their own pace and level.

I love learning manipulatives!

#7 My Father’s World Provides Curriculum for Preschool Through High School

The primary reason I began searching for a new curriculum was the fact that Christ Centered Curriculum (which we have used the past two years) only extends through second grade.

Once our oldest daughter was ready for third grade, I found myself starting from scratch in the curriculum search.

My Father’s World begins with an excellent learning unit for toddlers and preschoolers, which both our little boys have been using since the beginning of this year.

The curriculum advances through kindergarten, first grade, elementary through middlers, and finishes in high school.

Our family is experimenting with year-round homeschooling, which means our school year will officially begin the first week in June.

My kids are literally begging to dive into the curriculum waiting in our homeschool closet!

I’ve never been so excited about a school year and anticipate learning along with my kids as we explore My Father’s World together.

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