5 Books About Homeschooling You Should Read Right Away

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This post: Top 5 homeschooling books for parents.

Looking for books for homeschool moms?

As a home educator, reading just might be my super power.

(Just don’t ask about my math prowess.)

Over the years, I’ve read a few books about homeschooling + parenting.

Today’s list is my top five, please-read-these-right-away books.

Whether you’re a first-time homeschool mom or a veteran home educator, these books will get you off to an intentional + strong start.

And don’t feel like you have to read them all at once! That’s a recipe for failure. Here’s what I do instead: add all five of the books to your Amazon wishlist, then buy just one for now.

All of the books in this reading guide are available on Amazon, but you can also find them at most book stores, ThriftBooks, or even libraries.

Books About Homeschooling at a Glance:

  1. Teaching From Rest
  2. Better Together
  3. The Charlotte Mason Companion
  4. Educating the Whole Hearted Child
  5. Awaking Wonder

There’s a bonus read mention at the end of this post, so keep going!

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Now here are five of the very best books about homeschooling ->

#1 Teaching From Rest

Teaching From Rest, by Sarah Mackenzie- one of the best books about homeschooling!

Who wrote it: Sarah Mackenzie: an energetic mother of six, popular podcaster, and one of my favorite homeschool convention speakers.

Why I like it: Sarah’s writing style is engaging and conversational; actually, she’s hilarious! Teaching From Rest is divided into easy-to-read sections, which is perfect for times when I only have ten or fifteen minutes to sit down with a book.

Why I think homeschooling moms should read it: This book will change your life- at least, it changed mine. Sarah doesn’t propose methods or prop up idealist theories about homeschooling. Her “teaching from rest” concept is a lifestyle more than a method, and it’s both convicting and freeing.

My favorite quote:

It is so exhausting- sometimes even demoralizing- to realize that our work in raising up and teaching our children is never really done. But we must remember that we were never intended to finish it.”

Sarah Mackenzie, Teaching From Rest

Links: Check out Sarah Mackenzie’s website and podcast at ReadAloudRevival.com. You can buy Teaching From Rest on Amazon.

#2 Better Together

Better Together, by Pam Barnhill, one of the best homeschooling books for parents.

Who wrote it: Pam Barnhill: mom of three, blogger/speaker/podcaster, and a fellow INTJ.

Why I like it: I’m a huge fan of Morning Time in our homeschool routine, so I dearly loved this book!

Why I think homeschooling moms should read it: If you need some inspiration for a little more structure in your homeschooling, this book is for you. Organization is Pam Barnhill’s expertise. Better Together is all about the whys and hows of “morning time,” and how to plan your day so that what’s important doesn’t get squeezed out or neglected.

My favorite quote:

Homeschooling has very little to do with personal productivity. Homeschooling is about relationships.”

Pam Barnhill, Better Together

Links: You’ll find Pam’s blog and podcasts- and tons of homeschooling inspiration- at PamBarnhill.com. You can order a copy of Better Together from Amazon.

# 3 The Charlotte Mason Companion

The Charlotte Mason Companion- wonderful encouragement for homeschool moms.

Who wrote it: Karen Andreola: mother of three and writer who is “known for her practical interpretation of the writings of the 19th century British educator Miss Charlotte Mason.” (source)

Why I like it: Reading The Charlotte Mason Companion introduced me to the Charlotte Mason “methods” of education; or, as the author refers to them, “the gentle art of learning.”

Why I think homeschooling moms should read it: Karen Andreola’s writing style is quite endearing and rich. If you’re fond of bookish reads that hint of something old-fashioned, pick up a copy of The Charlotte Mason Companion. There’s much encouragement for homeschool moms to be found in this read.

My favorite quote:

Children’s love of knowledge is dependent upon how clearly ideas are presented to them. The mind feeds upon ideas.”

Karen Andreola, The Charlotte Mason Companion

Links: Purchase The Charlotte Mason Companion on Amazon.

# 4 Educating the Wholehearted Child

Looking for homeschooling books for parents? Check out Educating the Wholehearted Child, by Clay + Sally Clarkson.

Who wrote it: Clay and Sally Clarkson: homeschooling pioneers, popular authors and speakers, and founders of Whole Heart Ministries.

Why I like it: If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you already know that I have considered Sally Clarkson a mentor of mine for many years. I cannot recommend Educating the Wholehearted Child enough; it has been my official “homeschooling handbook” for many years. Definitely one of the best homeschooling books for parents.

Why I think homeschooling moms should read it: This resource is packed with creative ideas for teaching and discipling children, gems for parenting, and- above all- grace for living as a homeschooling mom.

My favorite quote:

The myth that you must have some kind of higher education in order to give your children a good education suggests that being smart is more important in homeschooling than being committed. It isn’t.”

Clak & Sally Clarkson, Educating the Wholehearted Child

Links: Check out Sally Clarkson’s books and blog, and listen to her inspiring podcast.

# 5 Awaking Wonder

Awaking Wonder, brand new from Sally Clarkson.

Encouragement for homeschool moms! Awaking Wonder, by Sally Clarkson.

Who wrote it: Sally Clarkson.

Why I like it: What I love about this book is how Sally inspires us to excellence and idealism without forgetting what it’s actually like living in the trenches as a parent with school-age kids.

Why I think homeschooling moms should read it: This book speaks to us where we’re at without projecting guilt, and that’s a breath of fresh air. We all need space to grow into excellence.

Favorite quote:

A child fashioned by a wonder-filled life will cultivate inner strength,
a confidence in his own ability to think, evaluate, and know. But those who influence children must fight to protect time for the imagination to have space to work, to have time to engage.”

Awaking Wonder, Sally Clarkson

Links: You can order a copy here.

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