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In 2013, our Family switched to My Father’s World, a Charlotte-Mason inspired Curriculum.

A common “complaint” (if you want to call it that) I hear from other homeschooling moms about My Father’s World is that the kindergarten curriculum is too easy.

Since I’ve used My Father’s World kindergarten with two of our sons (and will soon be using it with our youngest son), I thought I’d share my honest opinion and let you decide for yourself.

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MFW Kindegarten in a Nutshell

My Father’s World kindergarten curriculum is set up into 26 units.

Each unit explores one letter of the alphabet and is designed to be covered in six days.

If you follow the scope and sequence, your child will learn the entire alphabet (and learn to read simple words) by the end of one school year.

What if my Child Already Knows Phonics?

I guess this is where some moms have issues with MFW kindergarten.

If your child is one of those brainy tykes who learned to read in preschool, then yes, you’re going to find progressing through the ABC’s for twenty-six weeks to be a study in digression!

MFW preschool is completely hands-on (no work books), so a gentle approach to phonics and reading is a natural step if you’re following the curriculum sequence.

(You can read my personal approach to homeschooing preschoolers here.)

My Take on Early Reading

My own experience has taught me that early reading doesn’t work every time, or for every child.

Neither does every curriculum.

I’ve bounced around with several curricula, including A Beka, Christ Centered Curriculum, and a few others, before I decided on My Father’s World.

Two of my five children have struggled severely with reading, so my approach to phonics and my expectations in this area will differ from other moms.

So is MFW kindergarten too easy?

That’s really up to you to decide.

The gentle approach works beautifully for us.

Yes, I speed things up a bit; we finish one unit in a four-day school week, instead of spreading it out over six days.

For some, it may be too laid back.

If your child is already reading by kindergarten, My Father’s World is probably not a great choice.

Or maybe you prefer a text-book style approach instead.

Whatever works for you and your kiddos is what is right for you, Mama!

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and let me know what you think!

Have you used My Father’s World kindergarten?

What’s you take on this?

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