Why Our 24 Family Ways is My FAVORITE Book for Devotions With Kids

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This post: Why we love Our 24 Family Ways for morning time devotions.

Today, I’m highlighting one of our family’s top devotional books, Our 24 Family Waysby Clay Clarkson.

I purchased this book in 2014 with the intention of using it for our family’s evening devotions, but it has worked so well as a Morning Time devotional.  

Our 24 Family Ways is designed to be a family devotion resource and includes twenty-four “chapters”, with five concise Bible study devotions in each chapter.  It’s perfect for a week’s worth of family devotions; or, as in our case, a week of homeschool Bible curriculum!

Each chapter covers a “family way” for children to learn.  

Here are a few examples:

  • Our Family Way #1: We love and obey our Lord, Jesus Christ, with whole-hearted devotion.
  • Our Family Way #7: We encourage one another, using only words that build up and bless others.
  • Our Family Way #9: We are thankful to God for what we have, whether it is a little or a lot.
  • Our Family Way #17: We choose to be joyful, even when we feel like complaining.
  • Our Family Way #21: We do what we know is right, regardless what others do or say.

The “family ways” are divided into themes, such as our attitudes toward authority, our attitudes toward each other, etc.

The book includes a total of 120 family devotions.

Each “family way” includes Scripture memory suggestions, story starters, questions for kids, character quality definitions and a cute picture to color.

The language is super child-friendly, and I’ve noticed the concepts sticking with my children as we’ve progressed through this book over the years.

Our 24 Family Ways is a great way to kickstart the day!
The coloring pages are a definite favorite part of this family devotion book for my kids!
The coloring pages are a definite favorite part of this family devotion book for my kids!

You can make copies of the coloring pages out of the devotion book, or purchase each of your children a 24 Family Ways coloring book.  

I had a hard time making copies out of the larger book, so I would definitely recommend the coloring books.

I am very pleased with this resource and recommend it to other families without hesitation!

If you’re looking for a resource for family devotions, Our 24 Family Ways is engaging and child-friendly, but still challenging and full of Biblical instruction.

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