The Best Books I Read in 2018

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This post: best books of 2018

Looking for a reading guide for this year?

I’ve got a few great books for your consideration.

In this post, I’m sharing the best books of 2018, but here are a few other book lists to check out as well:

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And here are the best books of 2018

All book titles are linked to Amazon– my all time favorite place to purchase books!

The Two Income Trap

by Suzanne Venker

I read Mrs. Venker’s book,The Alpha Female, in 2017 and became an instant fan.

I’m a regular reader of this author’s blog and editorials, and highly recommend her book, The Two-Income Trap.

Click the link below to check out my full review.

Boundaries With Kids

by Cloud and Townsend

Dr. Henry Cloud- a psychologist- and Dr. John Townsend- a leadership coach and counselor- are currently two of my favorite Christian authors.

I’m a huge fan of their “boundaries” books, simply because I’ve found them to be absolutely life-changing.

You can check out their other “boundaries” titles on Amazon, and click the link below to read my review of Boundaries With Kids.

Mother and Son: the Respect Affect

by Dr. Emmerson Eggeriches

As the mother of three young sons, I both appreciated and needed to hear the message of this book.

I highly recommend Dr. Eggeriches’ title, Love and Respect, as well.

Changes That Heal

by Cloud and Townsend

This was probably my TOP book of 2018.

If you’re a woman with a desire for personal growth and emotional wholeness, definitely check out Changes That Heal.

Staying Stylish

by Candace Cameron Bure

A friend recommended Staying Stylish, and I’m so glad I read it!  It’s a fun, picture-rich book that inspired me to keep up (and improve) the habit of dressing well.

(I also learned a few traveling hacks that made packing for road trips and flights a lot easier this year!)

Need a bigger book list?

Check out my Ultimate Book List for Christian Women!

Your Turn

What’s the best book you’ve read in a while? Drop me a comment below.

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